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Orchard Specialty Pharmacy Services

Orchard Specialty Pharmacy Services is dedicated to providing pharmacy management services to patients and their families/caregivers; physicians and their practices; payers- health plans- government programs and pharmaceutical manufacturers with specialty/biologic therapy management.

Orchard Specialty Pharmacy Services delivers care to patients who require specialty medications, injectable pharmaceuticals and complex treatment regimens. Our pharmacy focuses on safe, effective administration and home delivery of these drugs while offering the highest levels of compassionate, personalized patient care.

Purchasing prescription drugs online is easy, safe and secure at Orchard. We offer convenient ordering options online by fax, mail or telephone.

Patients receive support in active management of their disease and access to healthcare providers for support and intervention services including:

  • Knowledgeable staff trained in specialty pharmacy products and programs: A healthcare team specially trained in complex disease states
  • Disease- specific medication management
  • Refill management programs
  • Refill reminder calls so your medication is ready when you need it
  • Scheduling of all medication deliveries
  • Convenient delivery of infusion or injectable medications direct to patient or physician
  • Help with management of healthcare benefits: Insurance advocates to help coordinate your benefits, including services to help find financial assistance for your medication
  • Our care team is available 24/7

Our team maintains regular contact with patients to help best manage their treatment and ensure patients have all of the medication and supplies they need as well as monitor for compliance and adverse effects. Our clinicians will evaluate, review and monitor lab data, as appropriate and contact patients for updates and to answer any questions about their treatment.